Enzyme for waste digester

Pro Deen  is an innovative integration of biotechnology (Selected microbial strains) and Enzyme. Use to eliminate odors and waste digester , prevent grease accumulation and resolve the obstruction in the pipe drainage.  Using in septic tank in household.  To protect the environment and restoring the water balance without  using chemicals.

  • Selected microbial and enzyme. Useful in terms of outstanding environmental problems, dry life cell.

“mixed with water immediately, colorless , no smell and can be touched.”

  • A better group of species. No harm to persons, animals and environment.
  • Work in conditions with or without oxygen (Anaerobic or aerobic), straight and durable.
  • Odor Remover and prevent toxic gas back worse
  • Prevent Full toilet by digest waste in septic tank
  • Solve pipe blockage by digest fat and grease in pipe
  • Reduce BOD loading and COD before flow into water treatment system.

Kitchen  :  Solve Pipe Blockage.
Use ½ pack of Pro Deen mix with 1 litre of water and pouring in to sink after stop using water

Toilet  : Odor Remover and prevent full toilet
Use 1 pack of Pro Deen  pouring in to the toilet bowl and press water following

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