Benklean Oil Removal


BCI OIL REMOVERTM     (Bio Cleaner Innovation)

Switching from chemical cleaners to natural alternatives is the most reliable and honestly  the easiest  first step towards a greener and natural way of life.

BCI : Bio Cleaner Innovation / Oil Remover   is a concentrated , specially produced industrial formula for cleaning by hand.    It is highly effective on a multitude of hard surfaces and can be used for cleaning of tools  and  any kind of machine parts.  And formulated with premium enzyme extract for degreasing and  deodorizing enzyme. It contains no hazardous components , can be diluted up to 20 times , safe and easy to apply.


  • Concentrated cleaning power
  • Remove all kinds of oil ,
  • Effective on hard surfaces , cleaning tools , machine parts
  • Rust remover and prevent rust
  • Non-Corrosive , Non-Flammable
  • Without hazards , no residual
  • pH neutral , Safe for skin

The Components  :   
             BCI Enzyme 92%  , BCA 301 : Biodegradable Cleaning Agents 5% , NaCl 3%

Product Application
BCI : Bio Cleaner Innovation / Oil Remover  can be applied at full strength for extra tough jobs or can be diluted up to 20 times with water for averages type jobs then sprays evenly, removes grease and stuck-on debris, and leaves the area smelling fresh and clean.  

Direction for use :

- For machine parts cleaning , dilute 1: 5 
- For clean surface , dilute 1: 10
- For hand wash, Dilute  1: 10 
- For heavy stains, increase the amount of the product.

Packaging :  1 Litre  (1,000 ml)   , 1 Gallon (5 Liters) ,  1 Gallon (20 Liters)

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