BIOLOGICAL PRODUCT to Control Algae and keep pond clear

MIACT is a selective microorganism to enhance the
Environment balance in the pond and the health of aqua animal.
The bacteria in MIACT can use ammonia and phosphate rapidly before algae has a chance to start utilizing them and growing.
These bacteria in MIACT also have anti-pathogenic characteristics killing and pathogens present in water.
Beside these , MIACT has several other benefits to its credit.

No residue, safe for people, animal and environment.

Selective microbial spicies in dry life cells which support one another.
• Selective Lactobacillus , LAB : to decompose organic sludge , aqua animals waste , dead planton and many other organic matters.
• Selective Bacillus spp. : remove green water and reduce sludge.
• Selective Yeast spp. : to break down tough debris, enabling bacteria to continue the decomposition.
Preservation of microbial material quality (nutrient base for microbes)

– Digest excess organic matter in ponds , lakes. Accelerates the degradation of pollution.
– Improves water clarity , Helps to remove green water
sludge and ensure clean healthy water and prevents over-blooming of algae.
– Eliminates pond scum and algae and helps eliminate foul odours.
– Restore a natural balance to improve water quality.
– Stabilizes pH conditions.
– Reduces formation of Hydrogen sulfide , ammonia.
– Boosts immunity of animal , reduces mortality and improves survival rates.

DIRECTION FOR USES in Aquaculture pond
In general : 1 kg per 0.5-1 acer , should be mix 1 kg with 500-1000 liters of water , soak for 12 hour then spray the MIACT solution into pond (on front of aerator)

Packing : MIACT packed in aluminum foil weight 1000 gm per pack

Certified by the department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Health. No pathogen and contamination.

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research / TISTR
(Safety in touch through the skin and oral).

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