CONSORTIUM MICROBES for AQUACULTURE Eliminate hydrogen sulfide , decompose organic matter

D-ZAVE is a consortium of beneficial microbes which are natural way and safe to establish and maintain cleaner pond bottom and water without chemical. D-ZAVE is an all-natural, premium bacteria and enzyme product designed to remove toxic gas , reduce sludge and helps eliminate foul odours.

No residue, safe  for people, animal and environment.

premium selective microbial spicies in dry life cells which support one another.
• Selective LAB : to decompose harmful decaying sludge that has accumulated of waste , dead planton and many other organic matters.
• Selective Bacillus spp. : immediately begin to multiple and work to remove toxic gas and foul odours.
• Selective Yeast spp. : to break down tough debris, enabling bacteria to continue the decomposition process.

Preservation of microbial material quality (nutrient base for microbes)

– Decomposes organic sludge.
– Effectively removes and prevents the further buildup of Hydrogen sulfide.
– Reduce ammonis levels and eliminate foul odours.
– Prevents and treats floating clumps resulting from dead planktons and shrimp waste.
– Improves natural feed for shrimp
– Boosts immunity of animal , reduces mortality and improves survival rates.

In general : 1 kg per 1 acer , should be mix 1 kg with 500-1000 liters of water and soak them 12 hour then spray the solution of D-ZAVE on surface area of pond bottom.

Packing : D-ZAVE packed in aluminum foil weight 500 gm per pack.

Certified by the department of Medical Science Ministry of Public Health. No pathogen and contamination.

Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research / TISTR
(Safety in touch through the skin and oral).

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