BT-CIDE is a natural product in tablet formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (BTI) with potency of 1,250 ITU/mg. (1,250,000 ITU/pillet).

This natural product consisting of only BTI and food-grade inert ingredients, BTI has sensitive habitats in various countries around the world , BTI produces a highly specific delta-endotoxin, which is only toxic to larvae of mosquitoes.

Safe for pets, people and environment. There are no chemical residues. When put in water, no smell and water is still clear.
Also can be used for drinking or immediately available.

– For use in controlling and eliminating mosquitoes lavae, mosquito vectors for dengue disease.
– Mix one tablet per 200 litres of water effectively eliminate mosquito larvae 100 % within 24 hours.
– Microbial activities are durable. Mosquito larvae can be removed in 60-90 days time.

– Dry formulation and mixed easily in water.
– Highly specific activity on mosquitoes.
– Easily use in controlling and eliminating mosquitoes lavae and vectors.
– Quickly kills mosquito larvae 1-12 hourse.

– The rate of one tablet per 200 liters of water,increase or decrease the number depending on the size of containers.
– For water without refill : Put BT-CIDE in water every 60-90 days.
– For regularly used water with taken up to 50% replacement : Put BT-CIDE in water every 30-45 days or when the larvae is detected.

– World Health Organization (WHO) Ensure that the bacteria is not toxic to humans, animals and the environment. To eliminate mosquito larvae in drinking water and clean water.
– Ministry of Public Health Residual effects of the products tested at a rate of 1 gram per 200 liters of water.
– Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research.
(Safety in touch through the skin and oral)

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